Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Murder by Death

Okay, first of all, I would like to say that I know I'm about 2 years late on this band but, I just bought this album last night and I have been finding it extremely difficult to hit stop. I would also like to tell you this is NOT screamo or anything of the like and if you havent heard their album, Who Will Survive and What Will be Left of Them? you are truly missing out.

Murder by Death is Adam Turla, Alex Schrodt, Matt Armstong, Sarah Balliet, and Vincent Edwards. Murder by Death's part horror movie climax, part western barroom brawl sound can be mostly attributed to the fact that among the obvious standard guitar, bass and drums, the band also employs a cello and a piano which play huge roles in every one of their songs. Everything about this band is epic in every sense of that word, all the way down to the title of their latest album.

Who Will Survive, And What Will Be Left Of Them? could very easily be considered a concept album, oh heck, it's definitely a concept album. WWSAWWBLOT? depicts a brooding tale of survival in a small western town whose residents are plagued with demonic assaults. They begin to question their own mortality as the Devil wages war on their homeland. "The album opens with an old fashioned sounding barroom piano piece that narrates the story," explains Murder By Death frontman, Adam Turla. "The Devil has been drinking and preaching the night away at a bar in town until a local shoots him in the back."

Throughout "Who Will Survive..." Alex Schrodt's percussions march you through the dark twists and turns of the town's fate. In the somber dirge of "Three Men Hanging," Matt Armstong's reassuring bass line wraps itself around your supple neck and thrusts you skyward. The album then takes a mischievous turn with "The Desert Is On Fire." Sarah Balliet's deceitfully optimistic cello take flight with Vincent Edwards' piano jaunts while Turla forewarns, "I'll leave a trail of fire across this desert just to see the desperation in your eyes."

The album comes to a close with the desperate finale "End of the Line" illustrating the final hours of our beloved little town. It shows the resilience and fortitude of the human spirit. They will fight until the last breath escapes from their frail lungs; there is still hope for them. The song closes with the war-torn and frantic threat of, "I'll be waiting for him this time. I am stronger now and I can fight it. I'll be waiting at the end of the line." This leaves one question left, who will survive, and what will be left of them?

Listen: [from Who Will Survive, And What Will Be Left Of Them?]
Killbot 2000
A Masters in Reverse Pyschology

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P.S. Insound called it "one of the most innovative and well-executed records of the year."
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