Friday, November 11, 2005

Silver Sunshine Are Still Awesome

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Silver Sunshine are one of my favorite bands to listen to during the cold months of Winter. I dont know why, but for me they just go hand-in-hand with shorter days, cold temperatures and of course, snow. Their self titled debut last November was a wintery wash of colorful, timeless, psychadelic pop brimming from start to finish with a mix of acoustic and fuzzed out guitars, hushed vocals and classic pop melodies.

Well, as the title of this post says, Silver Sunshine are still awesome and they have returned with a new five song ep titled, A Small pocket of Pure Spirit. The new ep sees the band being "viscerally pulled into darker and heavier territory without resistance, creating songs woven with themes ranging from the end of the world to Greek mythology, thereby revealing a glimpse of the progression to be heard on their next full-length without losing any of their pop sensibility or hooks." - Empyrean Records

You can hear a track from the new ep on the band's myspace. If that's too much trouble for you, here are two songs from their first album that I think will convince you enough to buy the new ep. "Nighmares" sits somewhere alongside "California Dreamin'" by the Mamas and the Papas with it's whispered vocals and infectious acoustic melody. I highly, highly recommend you give this song a listen, maybe it'll become your Winter anthem too.

Nightmares (Very Highly Rec'd!)

Buy the new ep and the s/t debut at Amazon.
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