Friday, November 18, 2005

Belle and Sebastian Surprise Album!

Today Belle and Sebastian announced the download-only release of If You're Feeling Sinister: Live at the Barbican. The album will be made available for download on December 6th, exclusively through iTunes. The band has assured fans that this live album "pisses all over any bit torrents you may have heard," so whether or not you've already heard it, it's very worth getting. The letdown is however that many were expecting this "surprise album" to be a Christmas album, which it most clearly is not. Dang.

The time for teasing is over.

The "surprise" album, alluded to in our previous mail, is "If You're Feeling Sinister: Live At The Barbican". This download-only album, which pisses all over any bit torrents you may have heard, will be available exclusively from iTunes on December 6th. As a further incentive to follow the path of righteousness, all proceeds will be donated to the DEC's Asia Quake Appeal.

We are fairly sure it's going to be available in all the International iTunes shops from the above date, BUT it's not absolutely certain, and it's kind of outwith our control, so no promises in that department. Bear with us though, because it will happen, and it's worth it, as anyone who was at the show could testify.

Cheers, B&S.

Hey guys, if you read this... one Christmas song? can we at least just get one?
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