Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Finian McKean

Chris did a little post on this guy a little while back and I really liked it and planned to do a small post as well. But, as per the holidays and such it got pushed into the back of my head. Well I got an email yesterday from Mr. McKean himself that obviously jogged my memory, so here it is.

Finian McKean was a member of the late 90's indie band The Push Kings, whom until now, I was completely unfamilar with. Regardless, the music he's making now is really great. He just released his new solo album, Shades Are Drawn. It's eerie, country tinged folk, but with enough rock to make it really quite accesible. This desciption is only based on the two songs I've heard, but check them out see for yourself.

Shades Are Drawn
Black Hole


I really, really, really love this song by The Very Hush Hush. However, I know nothing at all about them and their website is pretty confusing.

[MP3]: The Very Hush Hush :: That Look

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