Friday, December 16, 2005

Ester Drang

EXAMS ARE OVER! HURRAY! Today I celebrated by doing, well, nothing at all except watching Christmas movies. I'm a big Christmas junkie if you hadn't already figured that out. But when I did manage to get up and do something productive I found my way to a song by a band called Ester Drang.

Ester Drang is a four piece from Oklahoma that recently signed to Jade Tree Records. The will be releasing their 3rd full-lenght, Rocinate, via Jade Tree on January 24th.

Though their website lists several prominent influences from My Bloody Valentine to Phillip Glass to the Beatles and back to Mogwai, they aren't stepping on any toes. They've got their very own unique sound that comes from being together almost 10 years, and you'll understand why they list those influences after you hear this song.

[MP3]: Come Back Alive

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