Wednesday, December 14, 2005

When the world is sick, can no one be well?

A few random things for today:

A Silver Mt. Zion live recording

A Silver Mt. Zion :: La Salla Rossa (Montreal June 16, 2005) (Follow Link)

Take These Hands and Throw Them in the River
American Motor Over Smoldered Field
Mountains Made of Steam
On Silver Mt. Zion (movie never made)
God Bless Our Dead Marines
Ring Them Bells (freedom has come and gone)
The Triumph Of Our Tired Eyes
Hang On To Each Other

"Hump My Tunnel"

Today Stereogum posted a mash-up of the grandest kind. Mixing one of last year's best songs(The Arcade Fire's "Tunnels") with one of this year's worst songs(The Black Eyed Peas' "My Humps"). Now the fact that this was even made warrants some interest, but the reaction you'll see on your very own face when you hear the vocals come in will be priceless. Have a camera ready.

Spencer Krug's Other, Other Band signs to Absolutely Kosher

From Absolutely Kosher:
"We're extremely excited to welcome Montreal, Quebec's Sunset Rubdown to the label. Sunset Rubdown [which is largely the work of Spencer Krug] started as a solo project of home recordings (the album Snake's Got A Leg was released in June and a 5-song self-titled EP is due in January, both released by BC label Global Symphonic and available from our website). While Krug is still captain of the ship, the project has evolved into a full-fledged band effort. The group will record their new album in December at Montreal's Breakglass Studio. The as-yet-untitled effort will be released May 2 on Absolutely Kosher (and Global Symphonic in Canada), just in time for Sunset Rubdown to support Frog Eyes on a month-long national tour in May."
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