Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cutting Balloons, etc.

Cassettes Won't Listen

I dont know too much about Cassettes Won't Listen but I was in love witht his song the first time I heard it. So if you haven't heard it yet I highly recommend giving it a listen.

[MP3]: Cassettes Won't Listen :: Cutting Balloons

The Sunshine Underground

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I just recently started reading Dreams of Horses on a regular basis and I'm glad I did. He alerted me to this awesome band. The Sunshine Underground are a pretty standard indie rock band from the UK. Except, like a lot of British indie popping up lately, they happen to not suck, and actually, they dont sound all that British to me. Think something along the lines of We Are Scientists, but with a different vocalist. As someone else said, listen to this, your winter happiness depends on it.

[MP3]: The Sunshine Underground :: Put You In Your Place

P.S. Dreams of Horses also just put up Xiu Xiu's cover of Nick Cave's "Jack the Ripper"! You know what to do.
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