Monday, December 05, 2005

New Bound Stems Songs

Chicago's Bound Stems are one of my favorite bands right and their new EP The Logic of Building the Body Plan hasn't left my cd player since it came in the mail last week (yep, you heard right, I might just be the only blogger who doesnt have an iPod) .

I just cant get enough of these guys so I took a shot and emailed the band and asked if they had anything they could send my way. So, being the wonderful people they are, I got my hands on a couple tracks from the forthcoming full-length, which is now done according to the band. Though they're still looking for a label home for it, they expect it to be out some time later this coming year.

[MP3]: Bound Stems - Excellent News, Colonel (Highly Rec'd!)
[MP3]: Bound Stems - Refuse the Refuse (Highly Rec'd!)

Also, if you haven't done so yet, buy their new EP. It's comes with the SKATTERBRAIN stamp of approval.
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