Wednesday, December 07, 2005

New Pink Mountains Album

The Pink Mountaintops are one of the countless side-project bands that Stephen McBean is involved in these days. Although The Pink Mountaintops truly are mostly a side project, I hate calling them that, because I just so happened to enjoy their last album much more than that of Stephen's other [much more hyped] band, Black Mountain(Those Vancouver folk sure do love mountains).

The new album from The Pink Mountaintops, Axis of Evol, is set to come out on February 7 for Valentine's Day, in both the CD and LP formats. Throughout the new full-length, Stephen McBean sings about love and war, the love of war, and the war of love. The new album, recorded largely at home, is even more lo-fi and fuzzed out than their debut, but from the impression this new song has given me, its very much for the better.

[MP3]: The Pink Mountaintops :: New Drug Queens
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