Monday, December 12, 2005

The Decemberists Sign to Capitol Records

It seems everyone's favorite jolly maritime musicians have grown up and gotten a bit too big for their Kill Rock Stars hot pants. Typically(i.e., Modest Mouse to Epic) I'd be worried but I have a decent amount of respect for Capitol Records. I mean, Radiohead have done some more-than-great things over there.

What does this all mean though? Well, in short, it is likely that The Decemberists will get a considerable amount of MTV airplay as well as much more radio airtime as well. And, just to put a cherry on the top of this dessert, here's hopin' for life size Colin Meloy cardboard cut-outs in Tower Records across the U.S.!

"...When asked what he thinks Capitol wants out of the Decemberists, Meloy replied, 'I have no idea! That's what's so winsome about them. Capitol bent over backwards for us, even knowing the kind of band that we are. We're not Franz Ferdinand. We're not making new wave Gang of Four music. We're kind of the opposite of that. We have this penchant for moldy, dusty 60s British folk music and songs about chimney sweeps.'" - Read more. (via Pitchfork)
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