Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Secret Dakota Ring

Indie pop doesnt seem like it should be that hard to do yet there are so few bands out there that have it down perfect. So when i stumbled upon one that A.) I've never heard of before and B.) seems to know exactly how to make perfect indie pop, I was overly excited. Secret Dakota Ring is that band. Take notice because music like this doesn't come around all the time.

Secret Dakota Ring is, for the most part, the solo project of Brooklyn, NY multi-instrumentalist Andy Ross. His music is a mix of power-pop and straight up rock that echoes bands such as Beulah, Big Star, and [insert awesome indie-pop band name here]. Secret Dakota Rings website is fairly limited and basically just includes mp3s of every track on his debut full length, Do Not Leave Baggage All the Way, which is fantastic from beggining to end. The wesite also has this quote, which basically sums up everything about this band perfectly. "Secret Dakota Ring is pirate radio for rock lovers and crooked hearts, a pop broadcast on fractured frequencies of fuzzy harmony, trembling guitars, unassailable beats and bittersweet melodies in whisper and scream."

"My Window" in a bouncy song that starts out with fuzzy whispered vocals and breaks out the sunshine and turns itself into a shining pop gem that Miles Kurosky would be very proud of. This song could of been on Yoko and it would have been one of my favorites. "Beautiful Girl" is another highlight, moving along slowly with bells, acoustic guitar and violin and vocals that sound dangerously close to Brian Wilson. This your new favorite band.

My Window (Very Highly Rec'd!)
Beautiful Girl (Highly Rec'd!)
Pay Up (Highly Rec'd!)

Listen to the rest of the album on Secret Dakota Rings' Website and then buy it there too, it's only $5!
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