Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Vells

An overwhelming trend here lately has been "Wintery" bands, incase you haven't noticed. Well in the spirit of it STILL being freezing outside( i even slid on some ice coming into work) here's yet another band that i find to be synonomous with Winter.

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The Vells make dusty psychedelic pop that can be equally haunting and uplifting from one song to the next. They manage to make their lo-fi sound overly lush and full of depth both musically and lyrically. Singer Tristan Marcum is not only a amazing vocalist but he also happens to be and unbelievably talented lyricist, spinning lines like, "Down some the lovey laces / 'Round in a devey daze/ Sound out the holy stasis / Of languid lays" on "In the Hours of Flowers." Complementing Marcum is the fluid rhythm section of Jeremiah Green(Modest Mouse) on drums and Adam Hewrey on bass. Mary Thinnes also adds vocals as well as the keyboard and organ lines that hold almost all of their songs together.

They released their outstanding debut full length Flight From Echo Falls on Imputor? back in September of 2004 and are set to release a new album tentatively titled Integretron this coming June. But for now listen to these and add them to your Winter soundtrack.

In the Hours of Flowers (Highly Rec'd)
Down Down Glory (Highly Rec'd)
Larger Than Life (Highly Rec'd)

Buy Flight From Echo Falls for $9 from Imputor?
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