Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Specific Heats - "Take The Wheel"

I've been really into fun pop bands lately, in fact Pants Yell!'s Recent Drama has been my soundtrack to and from work for probably the past two weeks, I just can't get enough of those catchy little melodies! Boston's The Specific Heats are one of the bands I've stumbled upon in the last week while searching out cute little pop bands to fill my need for, well, cute little pop bands. This song comes from their upcoming debut release Aboard A Spaceship Of The Imagination, out late June/July on Total Gaylord Records! Fun!

[MP3]: The Specific Heats :: Take The Wheel
Who knew you could pack so much sunshine into one minute and 29 seconds? I did, because it's what I've been in love with lately. These short little bursts of pop are so fun and simple, I just can't get enough. This song is another one of those song that shows off the power of the "do-do-dooooo!" and just how much it can really do for a piece of music.

The Specific Heats on MySpace!

Please head over to Good Hodgkins if you haven't already and check out the second installment of his Blogosphere-spanning features! This weeks is especially important because it focuses on songs that are are better live than on record and yours truly took part! As soon as he asked me if I was interested in helping I knew exactly which songs I had in mind. What songs might they be? Well go and see for yourself!
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