Friday, September 15, 2006

Pants Yell! Radio Session and New Song!

Carly, Sterling, and Andrew of Pants Yell!

During their recent touring over in Europe, Pants Yell! stopped by Channel 4's Slash Music Radio for an exclusive in-studio performance. They played a set of three songs: two from their fantastic album Recent Drama, and one brand new song called "More Purple." You can download the MP3s seperately or just download them all in the .zip file. Much thanks to Andy for the rip.

[ZIP]: Pants Yell! :: Live on Slash Music Radio (6mb)

The Setlist:
1. [MP3]: Pants Yell! :: More Purple (new song!)
2. [MP3]: Pants Yell! :: Our Weather
3. [MP3]: Pants Yell! :: Kids Are The Same

If you haven't already, head over to Asaurus Records and pick up one of my favorite records of the year, Recent Drama.

Pants Yell! on MySpace
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