Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Crabapples: "London Belongs To Me, Pt. 2"

The Crabapples featured members of The Frenchmen and Black Tambourine, play(ed) rough, melodic pop reminiscent of earlier west coast crash-poppers Boyracer, and really, that's all I know about them. However, their brief explosion on the Bay Area scene just a few years back must've clearly made an impression because Slumberland Records has now finally released their Crabapples For Change EP, "an ideal keepsake of The Crabapples effervescent charms." The pretty little 7" record comes on cool blue vinyl in hand-stamped sleves. Check out a great track from the EP below.

[MP3]: The Crabapples :: London Belongs To Me, Pt. 2 (omg hot track!)
If you're not ready for this song, you might just miss it. It almost feels like even before each verse has ended they already can't want to jump right into the next one, which is a characteristic that suits their reckless jangling abandon quite well. About halfway through they throw in the handclaps and if you're still not dancing by then, then you can just get out.

Buy the Crabapples For Change 7" from Slumberland Records for $3.50!
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