Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Annemarie: "Bubblegum I See"

Dian, Tantri, Inu, Jojon, and Iqbal of Annemarie!

A fact overlooked by many people is that Indonesia actually has one of the best pop music scenes in the world right now, with tweepoppers Annemarie leading the way. They've appeared on compilations from both Fruit Records and Plastilina Records, and released an absolutely stellar EP in 2005 on Sweden's Music Is My Girlfriend label. This past Monday their debut album ABC on TV was co-released by the aformentioned Music Is My Girlfrtiend and Plastilina labels. It's full of pop gem after pop gem of cutesy girl vocals and jangly guitars, with the uncanny ability to put a smile on your face and a dance in your step even on the unhappiest of days.

[MP3]: Annemarie :: Bubblegum I See (Highly Smiley Recommendly!) (What does that even mean?!)
This song, from the new record, is so cute and catchy it forces me to make up words! Tantri's vocal melody in the very first few lines: "Here comes something amazing to me, so I go there" is so perfectly executed that if they just repeated that over and over throughout the whole song with the jangling guitars and swirling keyboards setting it in motion, the song would probably still be just as great as it already is. But, then I guess they couldn't call it "Bubblegum I See," and surely that would be a sad loss.

Want more? Check out the AWESOME title track from 2005's Living Model EP:

[MP3]: Annemarie :: The Living Model (Highly Rec'd, too!)

Please buy ABC on TV, it will make your day so much better!
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