Friday, February 23, 2007

Slumberland's track of the week

Slumberland Records finally updated their "track of the week" back on the 12th. I suppose it would be better suited with a title more along the lines of "track of the month," but it's okay cause they always seem to uncover some gems. The new track is a pretty noisy one from Dutch band, The Nightblooms. Like they say, there's definitely a great pop tune in there, you're just gonna have to dig through the noise to find it.

[MP3]: The Nightblooms :: Never Dream At All (follow the link)

A teeny bit more info on The Nightblooms over at Tweenet.

P.S. A few copies of Boyracer's AUL 36X EP, which was assumed to be long out-of-print, also surfaced over at the Slumberland warehouse. You should probably head over there and grab one before they're all gone again. P.P.S. it's on blue marble vinyl.
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