Thursday, September 24, 2009

Leafy Lanes

Apple Orchard's new, self-released Leafy Lanes EP showed up on my doorstep about two weeks ago – just in time for Fall. Despite the EP title's obvious seasonal suggestions, the music within more than drives home the EP's languid, seasonally-thematic overtones. Then, Apple Orchard's brand of indiepop has always been pretty appropriate for the year's colder days – you know, those days when a hot drink just won't do the trick, and what you really long for is the reliable comfort of a dreamy keyboard melody. Ryan and Dale have got them in spades, but on Leafy Lanes we also see the odd jangling lead ("That Sleepy Side of Town") or slow-burning solo (their cover of Carnival Park's "Fall Fast"). I don't think I've listened to this EP even once past noon and I think that's just fine, and I think the boys of Apple Orchard could only agree. So, if you need a warm wake up call on these increasingly chilly Autumn days, I'd recommend picking yourself up a copy of Leafy Lanes.

For those unfamiliar with Apple Orchard, here's a little something to convince you:

[MP3]: Apple Orchard :: Hit Or Miss (Very Recommended!)

Apple Orchard on MySpace!

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