Thursday, October 01, 2009

A monthly mix: October!


It's monthly mix time again, everyone! October's the quintessential Fall month to me: It's just starting to turn into sweater-weather, the leaves are turning and getting crispier by the minute, and it's the perfect month for a walk – not too hot, not too cold. That's why this month's mix includes a slew of fourteen songs perfect for a walk through the neighborhood, the city, or even the woods! There's a good mix of old and new here, too, including a few of my favorite new bands of the moment: P.S. Eliot, Grass Widow, and Sourpatch! Check out the tracklist below and follow the download link to be listening in minutes! Hope you love it!


01. P.S. Eliot "Tennessee"
02. Rizzo "Allie"
03. Bella Vista "Dead Fish"
04. Sourpatch "Fun"
05. Girls "Lust For Life"
06. Slumber Party "I Don't Mind"
07. Girlboy Girl "Feeder"
08. The Softies "Count To Ten"
09. The Airfields "The Turning Of The Leaves"
10. All Girl Summer Fun Band "Lost"
11. Rose Melberg "Homemade Ship"
12. Velocity Girl "One Word"
13. Grass Widow "Lulu's Lips"
14. Small Factory "Happy To See"

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