Friday, November 05, 2010

A monthly mix: November 2010!

After what was a somewhat disappointingly mild October, November is finally here and has brought with it some seriously cold weathers. Some may wonder why dropping temperatures is any kind of a good thing. Well, for someone who's listening habits tend to be guided almost exclusively by the changes in the weather, November's relatively frigid days and nights have brought some much loved bands and songs back into my life. This mix is my opportunity to share them (and a few new-found favorites) with you guys. I hope you enjoy the crap out of it.


The tracklist:
01. Ida "Poor Dumb Bird"
02. The Cat's Miaow "Not Like I Was Doing Anything"
03. Belmondo "Sleepwatch"
04. Sweater Girls "Fingers Crossed"
05. The Aislers Set "Why Baby"
06. Birdie "Linus"
07. Tiger Trap "Sweetheart"
08. The Bats "Mad On You"
09. The Hairs "Feeling A Lot Of Feelings"
10. Clock Strikes Thirteen "We Could Walk Together" (Clientele cover)
11. Tugboat "So Much Fun To Be Had"
12. Mighty Clouds "I Could Have Told You Your Name Then"
13. The Sunny Street "Pottery & Glass"
14. Weekend "Veil"

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Thank you!

4:50 AM  
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11:58 PM  
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