Friday, November 18, 2005

Magnetophone "Lost in Edit" Download

When John Mark Lapham (of The Earlies and new 4AD signings The Late Cord) was introduced to Magnetophone's new album The Man Who Ate The Man, he was smitten. John loved the album so much that he decided to make his own version of it.

Using samples taken from the completed album, an array of sonic offcuts and outtakes donated by Matt and John from Magnetophone, and one or two clever touches of his own, John Mark crafted a jewel-like 15 minute collage which serves as the perfect introduction to Magnetophone's bewitching sound world. The song travels through buzzing synths, acoustic guitars, chopped up beats, dreamy vocodered vocals, and dense outer space-like soundscapes creating a very aural listening experience. It's like remembering your entire night of dreams and then transfering it all to sound.

Magnetophone Lost in Edit (15mb)
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