Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Those Ghetto Hayward Gurlzz

Red Pony Clock are a very interesting band. When I first heard a couple of their songs a few months ago, I wasn't really interested at all, and now I can't get enough of them! They make lo-fi psychadelic pop that would fit in real well with the Elephant Six crowd, who they are also admittedly very influenced by. They just released their debut album Tunes From Terrace Towers on Asaurus Records this past week and it's already getting all kinds of love! has that charm that I wish came around more often, the last time I felt this way was probably when I heard The Olivia Tremor Control for the first time. I get that feeling where you're like "Hey! How have I been smiling without this?" everytime I listen to this song.

[MP3]: Red Pony Clock :: Hayward Gurlzz
Horns, bass and chimes oh my! This song has so many layers to take in and it almost becomes a quite the task to pay attention to each individual instrument over the lyrics. Red Pony Clock's lyrics are the key to their charm. How can you not love this: "Now all I wanna do is shake my ass and get all jiggy with it / Dressin' like a thug and actin' like and imbosile / Hangin' out on corners with my favorite Hayward gurlzz / Mommy, Mommy cant you see? / Groovy girls have that effect on me." I guess it's fitting then, that the album closes with a Boyz 2 Men cover huh?

Buy Tunes From Terrace Towers from Asaurus for the low low price of $7! The record comes inside a wallpaper-crafted sleeve with a specially-made Red Pony Clock patch affixed to the front. It is even more cute than it sounds. How fun is that?!

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