Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Chilly Fall Mixtape Project: Three and Four

Fall is really cool. When your Ezarchive suspension is lifted.

Well after a couple days out of kinda being "out of power" here, our hosting service is finally back in order. All MP3 links are now functional again, however all .ZIP files will be taken down until further notice because of bandwidth issues. I'll keep you guys updated on that. Anyway, now that we can host MP3s again, it's time to get back into the Chilly Fall Mixtape Project. Let's not waste anymore time, here we go.

3. [MP3]: Saturday Looks Good To Me :: Since You Stole My Heart
For me, Fall, more so than any other, is the season of love. In the interest of not drifting into sappy territory I'll leave it that, but I feel it must be said that this song always makes me feel really warm and fuzzy inside, which is starnge considering the message of the song: "Somebody told me that everyone’s lonely / But I was the only fool there waiting / Down by the ocean / With my heart half the way broken." Nothing better than feeling warm and fuzzy in the Fall, and it's even better when there's someone else making you feel that way.

4. [MP3]: Jens Lekman :: Maple Leaves (7" Version)
I hate a long debate inside my head as to whether this song appealed to me as a Summer song or a Fall song. It has the energy of what could be a pretty great Summer song, but there's one distinguishable part of the song that solidifies it as a Fall song. At around the two minute mark the song changes pace and it come what sounds like possibly like a tambourine, but more along the lines of sleigh bells and it's at that point what I make a connection with this song and cold weather. Sleigh bells sound more like Winter, you say? Shut up, this is a Fall mixtape.

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