Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names: "Loop Duplicate My Heart"

Peter Gunnarson & Johan Hedberg are Suburban Kids With Biblical Names

Way back in 2005, the boys of Suburban Kids With Biblical Names released their third record (and first full length), aptly titled #3, on Labrador Records in Sweden. Well, as was reported months back, SKWBN have signed with Minty Fresh in the U.S., who will be rereleasing #3 domestically sometime soon. While I still think #1 holds their strongest tracks to date, #3 is still a pretty solid album. Plus, it has one secret weapon that #1 doesn't; "Loop Duplicate My Heart."

[MP3]: Suburban Kids With Biblical Names :: Loop Duplicate My Heart (Rec'd and Stuff!)
This song is so fun because, depending on your personality, you will either view this song as cute and fun or pitiful and sad. Obviously I'm with the former, and really, how could anyone not be? It's a heartwarming song about falling in love with your... computer. Complete with electronic chirps, acoustic guitar strums, handclaps and sing-a-long lyrics: "Can't get no sleep tonight / damn it feels so good tonight," the message is clear. They just want to have some fun and maybe find some love, from what or whomever.

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