Thursday, October 05, 2006

STAR: "Switchblade Heart"

STAR... they're from Chicago...

I was going through the my pages upon pages of friend requests on MySpace today (all bands, real people don't want to be my friend*) and after a disappointing run of terrible music I came upon Chicago's STAR. Lucky for them, I had just been listening to My Bloody Valentine's Loveless so I was just in the mood for their music, which turned out to be very Loveless-esque. I suppose STAR isn't really doing anything new here, but nonetheless, I'm having trouble finding any fault in it. We've heard it before, the soft, dreamy vocals, the ringing drone of guitar distortion, however they do it all so well that we can let them slide on the originality end. Check out this track and see if you don't agree. One final note: Why aren't any labels jumping all over these guys??

[MP3]: STAR :: Switchblade Heart (Highly Recommended!)
Though the title suggests that you're about to listen to a heavy metal song, it's very far from it, practically the opposite. "Switchblade Heart" falls into the same category as, say, perhaps MBV's "Sometimes" in that these are songs built almost solely out of heavy guitar distortion, and yet, they posess a beauty similar to a soft lullaby. Though much of the songs strength comes from it's gorgeous instrumental textures, Shannon Roberts' gentle, breathy vocals are no less responsible for it's dream-like atmosphere.

Visit their MySpace page for information on how to purchase a CD.

* Of course, bands are REAL people too...
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