Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Le Volume Courbe: "I Killed My Best Friend"

Charlotte Marionneau is Le Volume Courbe

Released back in February on Astralwerks, Le Volume Courbe's debut album I Killed My Best Friend is a sometimes strange, but always compelling collection of songs that have many times been called "impossible to describe." I would liken it musically to perhaps a more experimental and possibly more damaged Chan Marshall. Either way, this song, the title track from her album -- even if it only last a little over a minute -- has been on repeat all morning.

[MP3]: Le Volume Courbe :: I Killed My Best Friend (Highly Recommended)
Being the first song Charlotte ever wrote, it obviously doesn't portray her experimental side too much, but it's probably the most immediately accesible track on the album. "I Killed My Best Friend was actually an improvisation when I first sang it. I didn't speak English well at the time; in fact I don't remember writing it. But I do remember being annoyed at my mother and my best friend, and thinking: I must kill them, at least in my head, at least for a while!" Can't argue with that!

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