Monday, February 26, 2007

A Cat Called Cricket: "Watch For Falling Rocks"

A Cat Called Cricket!

The debut record from Baltimore, Maryland's A Cat Called Cricket, Here Comes Another Melody, is the perfect album to warm up with during the cold winter. Originally started by Alex Champagne is 2004, the band eventually grew into something much bigger. Complete with beautiful sweeping cellos, lush choruses, and an unexplainable warmth, Here Comes Another Melody, is as fine a folk-pop record as one could ask for. Songs like "Nothing" and "Watch For Falling Rocks" were instant favorites.

[MP3]: A Cat Called Cricket :: Nothing (Rec'd!)
[MP3]: A Cat Called Cricket :: Watch For Falling Rocks (Rec'd a bit more!)
"Nothing" opens with sounds of what's either a stream or waterfall, before breaking into chugging acoustic guitar with cello weaving all around it. At the end, probably my single favorte moment on the record, the whole band joins in together singing before Alex comes in, moving through one last chorus. "Watch For Falling Rocks" is a little bit more upbeat, probably the most driving -- and instantly catchy -- song on album. The cello steals the spot light here, at least in the verses, moving up and down, bobbing like a buoy in the water. Then comes the chorus, with Alex warning "Watch for, watch for falling rocks, when they fall, they fall hard" as the snare rolls along behind him. Careful though, because once you hear that chorus, it's pretty tought to shake it out of you head.

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