Monday, May 14, 2007

Girl of the World: 5 Years Old 7"

5 Years Old 7" [Heaven Records, 1993]

5 Years Old was the third release from Australia's Girl of the World and number 11 for Heaven Records. Heaven Records was started up in 1990 by Matt from the Fat Tulips to release the Fat Tulips' first 7". They went on to release a total of 13 records, including singles from Strawberry Story, The Rosehips, Bulldozer Crash, and, of course, Girl of the World. Information on Girl of the World on the internet is few and far between. I did however find out that guitarist Bart and drummer Cameron from The Cat's Miaow were previously in Girl of the World. So there you go, a tiny bit of biographical indiepop history. Just listen to the single though, okay. Personally, I love the B-side "3,000 ft.", much more than the single's A-side, but hey that's just me.

Girl of the World
5 Years Old

[Heaven Records, 1993]
DOWNLOAD IT (.ZIP file, 9mb)

1. 5 Years Old
2. 3,000 ft.

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