Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Mary Onettes

The Mary Onettes standing/sitting on some majestic hill.

Since I've been covering the Popfest lineup pretty much for the past week or so, I haven't really had much time to mention some of the things I've been seriously enjoying lately. One of those things is Sweden's Mary Onettes and their debut self-titled record. This year has already been a fantastic year for pop and it just keeps getting better. Think of a modern indiepop version of A-ha mixed with a bit of The Wake and earlier JAMC and that's pretty much The Mary Onettes in a nutshell.

The record's got a dark feel to it, but not dark enough to the point where you'd only be able to listen to it at night. The record's first single, "Void", is lush, driving track and like most of the rest of the record, it moves along on top of a super solid bassline. Though the song doesn't neccesarily rely on it, it sure as hell enhances it, adding a bit of urgency to the vocals that ultimately makes the song much more powerful. I really used to love describing music and now I just hate everything I write, so I guess I'll stop now, but I really think you should listen to this and if you like it then you should probably pick up the record cause it's really really good.

[MP3]: The Mary Onettes :: Void (Highly Recommended Okay!)

Buy The Mary Onettes from Labrador Records!

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