Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Road to the 2007 NYC Popfest: The Baskervilles

New York's Baskervilles!

Incase you haven't been paying close attention, I am STILL on the Bs in the alphabetical Popfest extravaganza. I last covered The Ballet, and if I'm doing this right we should be moving right on ahead to New York's very own, The Baskervilles. Like The Ballet, I hardly know a thing about The Baskervilles. Their MySpace lists influences from the Television Personalities to Dolly Mixture to Johnathan Richman, so at least you can be sure they're working off a pretty solid foundation. Mostly I just hear a pretty strong TVPs sound to the songs that I've listened to so far, which is miles away from a complaint, infact I'm pleased as punch to have finally heard these guys. OMG RUN-ON SENTENCE LOCK ME UP/.

They're currently doing this thing called the Twilight 14 where they are releasing a free MP3 (all produced by Mitch Easter) on their website with virtual sleeves designed by a different contemporary artist each month, and well, it's a pretty awesome idea. Download April's single and don't forget they'll be playing the Popfest May 25th at The Delancey with Mitch Easter, The Secret History, and The Smittens!

[MP3]: The Baskervilles :: Have You Seen Them? (follow the link)

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