Monday, June 04, 2007

Mix For The Occupation

If you were lucky enough to be at one of the shows of Pipas' short tour this past May, well like two weeks ago, then you probably grabbed a copy of their new "May 2007 tour only" Mix For The Occupation EP. Clocking in at only, like, five and a half minutes total, it's barely even an EP, but it's three new songs and I like them all, so it's more than okay. I can say with much certainty that the last song, and title track, "Mix For The Occupation" is the prettiest one minute and forty-nine second pop song I've heard in recent memory. I really like it a lot. Way to go Pipas. If you've never listened to Pipas before and you like this then I would very much suggest that you go over to Matinee Records and buy their 2002 record A Cat Escaped, cause it's real good and you'll like it.

[MP3]: Pipas :: Mix For The Occupation (Quite recommended)

Pipas have a MySpace 4 real

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