Monday, June 11, 2007

Oh my god are you for real?

The cute and lovely Nedelle.

Since hearing her new record, The Locksmith Cometh, I've been on quite the Nedelle kick recently, which has been really nice after not listening to a lick of her for probably six months. The record is just as good as I could have hoped. I've loved all of of Nedelle's albums up tot his point, but The Locksmith Cometh's poppier, slightly less folk-y leanings, might actually make this my new favorite Nedelle record. If you listen close enough, you might even notice a little bit of 60's girl-group influence, which is totally exciting! Nowhere is this more noticable then on the fantastic "Ghost Ships".

[MP3]: Nedelle :: Ghost Ships (Very Recommended!)

Also, as a bonus, here's my favorite track from her 2005 album, From the Lion's Mouth:
[MP3]: Nedelle :: The Natural Light (Also Recommended!)

You can buy The Locksmith Cometh from the Tangram 7s label for just $10

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