Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Manhattan Love Suicides: "Head Over Heels"

The Manhattan Love Suicides have a had a big couple of months. The released the Kick It Back EP on Magic Marker back near the end of August, and then on October 5 we saw the release their other new EP, Keep It Coming. The new EP also marks the debut release for the excellent new London label, Lost Music Records, a project of Lost Music Presents, who've been organizing fantastic gigs all across London since April. Back to the new record; Keep It Coming is a limited edition four-track 7" EP featuring three (!) new songs, and a great reworking of "Thinking Is Killing Me," which appeared on their self-titled debut last year. I've mentioned how much I loved title track "Keep It Coming" when I first heard it over a month ago, but now I've finally got the whole thing in my hands and I gotta say, "Head Over Heels" is my new favorite MLS song. Sounding like The Shop Assistants covering some long lost girl-group gem, The Manhattan Love Suicides have really outdone themselves on this one. I suggest listening to it immediately!

[MP3]: The Manhattan Love Suicides :: Head Over Heels (HIGHLY REC'D!)

If you like it, head over to Lost Music Records and grab yourself a copy!
The Manhattan Love Suicides on MySpace!

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