Thursday, February 14, 2008

Merry Valentines Day, Kids

But remember...

[MP3]: Comet Gain :: Don't Fall In Love If You Want To Die In Peace

so keep me safe from harm, i'll promise to do my best
so stop me unraveling, a start destined for death
conquered deceit, made its peace with me
but not security, impurity.
so keep this special song, learn to play for me
keep my stubborn heart safe from villiany
stab at your sky through Bob Dylan's eyes
just another baby blue that will break you.
save you mistake you, believe in you and deceit you
electrify and upset you, get drunk with you and secure you.
my shoes are not made for walking
my eyes are not made for crying
my voice is not made for singing
my heart is not made for racing
fell out of bed when he said "i don't wanna fall in love"
but it's too late for some of us
don't fall in love if you wan't to die in peace.

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