Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bishop Allen: "Butterfly Nets"

It's that time again folks! The May EP is the fifth installment of Bishop Allen's weighty "EP every month of 2006" campaign. The thing I love about these EPs is that they're not just same regurgetated tunes everytime, the band has already tried on handfuls and handfuls of styles already with just the first five EPs. This one is no different and this new song from the May EP is already one of the best Bishop Allen songs I've heard.

[MP3]: Bishop Allen :: Butterfly Nets
This new song is not only and interesting style for Bishop Allen but it also features a few special guests. The contributions from friends Darbie Nowatka,who sings, and Jon Natchez, who plays saxaphones and flutes really add a lot of depth to the song. The song has a sort of tropical island feel to it with it's mandolin and chimes melody, joined later by the flute saxophone. Darbie's vocals are pristine and have that quality to them where you can open almost here her lips opening and closing, and I really love that.

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