Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Wind Up Bird Was Her New Muse

A little over a week ago I posted a song from Tunng's first album Mother's Daughter and Other Songs and it just so happens they've already got another one on the way. On May 22nd, Tunng will release their second full length Comments of the Inner Chorus. After hearing both albums in about a two week period, I've become a big fan of Tunng's brand of electro glitch-folk.

[MP3]: Tunng :: The Wind Up Bird
The new album shows the band implementing even more sounds than before, including a lot more strings and found sound. Nowhere is the use of these more successful then on "The Wind Up Bird." Along with the perfect use of found sound throught out the song, the strings and harmonies in the chorus are just beautiful.

BUY the Woodcat EP and/or PREORDER Comments on the Inner Chorus from Full Time Hobby Records.

Tunng on MySpace.
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