Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Appreciation Night

Bound Stems

The Chicago band Bound Stems, who released quite possibly my favorite EP of 2005, finally released their debut full length Appreciation Night today. Out on Flameshovel records, the album picks up right where the EP left, even bringing along a few of the EP tracks along with it. Every second of sound on this record exemplifies the band's great attention to mood and intricate instrumental precision. From the complex rhythms of tracks like "Andover" and "Excellent News, Colonel" to the dissonant guitar creshendo of closer "55 Cross St.," this album manages be continuously rewarding all the way up to the final applause. Check out a few tracks below:

[MP3]: Bound Stems :: Excellent News, Colonel (Highly Recommeneded!)
[MP3]: Bound Stems :: Wake Up Ma and Pa Are Gone (Highly Recommended!)

Buy Appreciation Night @ Flameshovel Records for $10!

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