Thursday, October 12, 2006

Camera Obscura on Grey's Anatomy

Glasgow's Camera Obscura

The Camera Obscura track "If Looks Could Kill" from their fantastic new album Let’s Get Out Of This Country will be featured tonight week on the hit ABC show Grey's Anatomy at 9pm. Merge says, "Set your VCR/DVR/Tivo STAT! The first two minutes of Grey's Anatomy, arguably the most attractively populated hour in television, will be scored by the dulcet tones of Camera Obscura's "If Looks Could Kill." Will Meredith be kissing McDreamy, or McVet? Will Izzie come back to work? The suspense is almost too much to bear!" So again, tonight, at 9pm EST, tune into Grey's Anatomy and you'll here this:

[MP3]: Camera Obscura :: If Looks Could Kill

Now, we're pretty excited, but it's no surpise to us that they've chosen such a great song, as they've always had a pretty solid sountrack since the show started. My personal favorite choice of their's up til now would have to be Au Revoir Simone's "Through the Backyards," which if you haven't heard yet, is an incredibly great song.

[MP3]: Au Revoir Simone :: Through the Backyards (Highly Recommended!)
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