Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Chilly Fall Mixtape Project: 7 & 8

Fall is really cool. Especially when you try to blog better.

Okay, it's no secret that I've been slacking lately. I've been slacking on the blog in general, and specifically the Chilly Fall Mixtape Project, the feature that's supposed to keep me consistantly psyched on posting. I guess I've just been kinda lethargic lately, due to this chilly Fall weather and stuff, y'know. Enough excuses though, let's get back on track. I'm sure you'll notice a bit of simlarity in tonight's songs, probably in the vocals. Actually, only in the vocals.

7. [MP3]: Deerhoof :: Apple Bomb
I was riding home the other night, just as it was getting dark outside and "Apple Bomb" came up on shuffle and it couldn't have been more perfect. Not only is it a song I associate with Fall, but it's also probably my favorite Deerhoof track of all time. The peaceful verses juxtaposed with the noisy freakout of the chorus make for an extremely intense listen. Never heard this before? Make damn sure you hear it now.

8. [MP3]: Tenniscoats :: The Theme of Tenniscoats
I hadn't heard of of Tenniscoats until fairly recently when my good pal Dean began raving about this song. I'll admit, I didn't really see anything in this song probably the first two or three times I heard it, but now I find myself humming every waking second of my days lately, which is really cool when yout hink about it. the idea of a song working itself into your mind so much so that you end up using it fill in the silent times of your day. That, I believe is the true mark of "catchy." Plus the serene vocals similar to those of the above track evoke the feeling of a sort warm blanket. However, as "Apple Bomb" evntually rips the blanket off of you and beats you over head with it, this song just continues to tuck you in tighter and tighter.

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