Monday, October 30, 2006

The Wilson Hospital

Kathrine Bergstrom and Marten Tromm are The Wilson Hospital

I can't really reveal too much information biographical-wise about The Wilson Hospital as their biography and most all other text on their website is in, I believe, Swedish. I can however tell you that their album Medication For A Lost Generation is really wonderful. They make sunny indie-pop, that's heavily influenced by that classic 60's pop sound that Brian Wilson and Beach Boys had perfected.

[MP3]: The Wilson Hospital :: Call Me A.S.A.P. (Recommended)
As on most of their songs, Kathrine's vocals are the real treat here. It feels like they may have a slight bit of reverb on them, but mostly she's just got an incredibly beautiful voice. Lyrically the song treads the typical indie-pop "come back, I love you" territory with Kathrine missing a love and begging for a call. The thing is, no matter how overused, this formula will always and forever work because there will always be people that can relate to it.

[MP3]: The Wilson Hospital :: Midsummer's Ball

Their website appears to have not been updated in some time, so it's possible that The Wilson Hospital is now defunct, but I really hope not. Anyway, you can pick up Medication For A Lost Generation at CD Baby, so you should definitely go do that if you like these songs. Have a nice day, xoxoxo.
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