Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Brother Kite: "Get On, Me"

The Brother Kite

Word on the street is that the rebirth of shoegaze is upon us, and if that's true than The Brother Kite seem like they could be a strong force in this "rebirth" of sorts. Hailing from Providence, Rhode Island, The Brother Kite make dreamy pop songs that sound a bit like if Ben Gibbard led The Cure instead of Robert Smith. Their new album, Waiting For The Time To Be Right, was released on September 12th by Gainsville, FL label Clairecords. We've been listening to this track from the album almost nonstop lately. It's a mystery to me as to how these guys haven't blown up yet, as it seems many blogs have been jumping on the shoegaze wagon as of late.

[MP3]: The Brother Kite :: Get On, Me (Highly Rec'd!)
If you have ears you're likely to immediately notice the Cure influence in the spacey sounding guitar and even the subtle tambourine every now and then. The song moves through fairly well beaten territory, but then around the two minute mark they start to pile on a few more layers before just laying on the distortion about 22 seconds later as whispered vocals try to peek through the noise.

Buy Waiting For The Time To Be Right from Tonevendor
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The stupid, retarded, and completely utterly useless "deluxe edition" of St. Elsewhere comes out today. Sweet, you better go buy like six copies before NO ONE buys them.
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