Monday, November 06, 2006

Phantom Buffalo: "Wilamena"

I am tickled to announce that we're now back in business! Like almost everyone else, this past week we ran into more than a few issues with our previous hosting service Ezarchive and decided it was best to just discontinue working with them. After searching around for new hosting solutions we found that it's very expensive. Things were looking grim, but due to the awesomeness of the music blogging community, Eddie from Another Form of Relief has offered us a plot of bandwidth over on his server so we can continue to do what we love over here on Skatterbrain. I thank him for being so very awesome, and you should all go check out his wonderful blog. Okay, well, onward and upward.

Phantom Buffalo

I talked about Phantom Buffalo before, back in January of this year, but I found their amaaaaazing album Shishimumu on vinyl last week and so I've gotten reaquainted with them recently and I really forgot how great they are. Highly recommended for fans of the more Elf Power-ish side of the E6 collective and maybe even The Shins. As a sidenote, they released the vinyl as The Ponys, as it came out before they eventually changed their name to Phantom Buffalo. The cd version of Shishimumu however, was released as Phantom Buffalo.

[MP3]: Phantom Buffalo :: Wilamena (Recommended like you wouldn't believe!)
"Wilamena" opens with twinkling picked guitar and light cymbal taps, but the interesting thing is bassline. At first it follows the guitar exactly, mimicking it's melody, but when the guitar changes, the bassline stays the same, riding under what is now two guitars, which gives an awesome effect in my opinion. My favorite part of the song is right after the lines "If I was that small, we'd talk aboutt he craziest things in the world" when the softest drum roll starts in the background and slowly gets louder and louder before changing time with snare and crash all over the place. I think you'll agree, it's a very very awesome song.

Buy Shishimumu and other Ponys/Phantom Buffalo releases from Time-Lag Records
Phantom Buffalo's pretty little faces on MySpace!

Our pals over at Both Sides of the Mouth are currently running a contest to win free tickets to see The Grates at their November 14 show at Los Angeles' Spaceland. We here at Skatterbrain love The Grates more than they know so we couldn't encourage you more to go and enter. Their live show is apparently "not to be missed!"

Also, it's just like, we really love Patience, yknow, and so we really love this picture.
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