Friday, December 15, 2006

Lylas: "Swing Low, Sweet Mistletoe"


Happy Friday! Earlier this week I recieved quite possibly the cutest package I've ever gotten in the mail. Responsible for this cutest of holiday presents was the wonderful Nashville band Lylas. Aside from the the chocolate kisses and candy canes was their four track Christmas EP A Christmas Kiss From Lylas. Consisting of two short instrumental songs and two originals recorded this holiday. Check out my favorite of the two songs below.

[MP3]: Lylas :: Swing Low, Sweet Mistletoe
Consisting of mostly acoustic and slide guitar the sole purpose of this Christmas tune with the clever title is to bring you some Christmas cheer and maybe keep you a little warmer, and maybe, just maybe, get you a kiss if you sing to someone special. In that sense it succeeds, as do all Christmas songs; and that's why you can never dislike a Christmas song, because if you do, you're really just a jerk, right?

Lylas on MySpace (you can buy their records there too!)
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