Monday, April 03, 2006

Arab Strap - "There Is No Ending"

For years now, some of the the most depressing, yet enjoyable music my ears have ever heard has been made by the scottish duo, Arab Strap, but on their newest album The New Romance the guys have cleaned up their act a bit. I said a bit. In many places throughout the record, you'll find bright blarring horns replacing the drunken sadness of earlier Arab Strap. Sadness, love and romance still take top priority in the bands lyrics however, only this time they find themselves, more often than not, letting a light in.

[MP3]: Arab Strap :: There Is No Ending
You know Arab Strap have changed up their formula a bit, when after the first minute of the song all you can say is "Wow. That sounds a lot like Beulah." To be exact, the intro of "There Is No Ending" has a very "Emma Blowgun's Last Stand" feel to it. Now, once the vocals come in, that thought may completely leave your head, but I assure you, for a minute there, you'll see it. And that's not the only indication of a more optimistic Arab Strap, the lyrics provide us with some proofas well. "If you can love my growing gut, my rotten teeth and greying hair / than I can guarantee I'll do the same as long as you can bear." There is a light at the end of the tunnel, indeed.

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