Monday, May 08, 2006

My Dad Vs. Yours - "Tanz Mit Uns"

I've always found Cokemachineglow's "No Big Hair" feature to a veritable goldmine of good music, in fact I can't remember any that I haven't absolutely loved. That's where I discovered Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, and now, My Dad Vs. Yours. Those two bands however, have nothing at all in common besides the fact that I love them both. Now, I know there's a few post-rock lovers that read my lovely little blurbs on this here site, but I'm pretty confident that they are probably few and far between. So, you guys, yeah you. You will undoubtedly love this, in fact, maybe you've already heard it. But, for you others, the haters, I strongly encourage you to open your ears, because this is instrumental grandiose for everyone.

[The] album never overreaches for space outside the limitations of its genre, never stands in the way of its simple loveliness, and is full from beginning to end with pretty music done well, keyboard atmospherics and rock-solid bass entwined with a few samples of faraway children eerily echoing insinuations of the band’s potential. My Dad Vs. Yours may be capable of something epic. - Cokemachineglow.

The album they speak of, of course, is My Dad Vs. Yours' recent self-released LP After Winter Must Come Spring, and this is my (and soon to be your) favorite track from it.

[MP3]: My Dad Vs. Yours :: Tanz Mit Uns (Highly Recommended!)
The first few seconds in, it becomes very clear that isn't Mom and Dad's post-rock, this is a new kind of instrumental beauty, a step forward for a somewhat stagnat genre. The melody of this song is what will get you, with much due to Tom Herbert's intricate twinkling guitar work, that charts a new course over the land already overtrodden by bands like Explosions in the Sky. The big surpise and un-thought-of instrumental post-rock element at the close of the song is the extremely pleasing handclap-laden guitar jam.

My Dad Vs Yours on MySpace.

On a completely unrelated, yet very serious note, it seems that poor Marissa is likely to be killed off the O.C.! Oh No! According to this recent article, it seems the seems that Misca has been trying to get fired by showing up late to the set daily or calling in sick. Well they've decided to giving her what she apparently wants, and what more fitting a way to leave the O.C. than by-way of a sloppy drug overdose?
We'll all miss you Misca, good luck with those Keds ads okay?
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