Sunday, May 07, 2006

Summer Drive Mixtape Project: 1&2

Whether or not you guys enjoyed the last Mixtape Project I did (the sleepytime one), I had a fun time doing it, so I wanted to do another. Since it started getting relatively nice around March or so, I've made myself six seperate mixes specifically for driving in the car when it's sunny and warm out. So, I figured since I really like these mixes, I thought I would share one of them with you. Just like the sleepytime mixtape project, I will post two songs a day. Something new I thought I'd throw in with this one is requests. What is your favorite song to listen to in the car in the summer? Leave your favorites in the comments, or if you want to Email me a song, feel free, I might just use it. Okay, here are the first two.

1. [MP3]: Thunderbirds Are Now! :: Better Safe Than Safari
I couldn't possibly think of a better lead-off song than this. There's just so much energy in this song, the whole album actually, that you can't help but pressing down on the gas just a little harder while it's playing. Plus, there's no better way to start your trip somewhere than with some handclaps and a cheer.

2. [MP3]: The Battles :: Changes
This song is much better on a nice scenic drive as opposed to the high speed highway driving that suits the first song. I love listening to this song and just gazing out the window watching the trees and fields go by my face. Note: if you're driving, don't gaze too long.

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