Monday, May 08, 2006

Summer Drive Mixtape Project: 3&4

I told someone to check out yesterday's first Summer Drive Mixtape Project post and this is what they said. "Ummmm, you know, those songs don't transition well at all, do you know anything about mixtapes?" Yes, I know they don't transition all that well, none of it probably will. When I'm driving down the road with the sun shining, the last thing on my mind is how cohesive my mix is. Feel free to mess this order up all you want, or throw in whatever songs you like to drive to. I just want to share some of my favorites with you and hear what yours are. Here's tracks three and four, let me know what you think. As always, feedback is appreciated.

3. [MP3]: The Knife :: You Take My Breath Away
This song never fails to embarrass the crap out of my friends when they're in the car with me. The way I see it is, if a song can make you dance around in the driver's seat and sing at the top of your lungs starring at passengers in the other cars as they go by, then it is a great song. The fact that this particular song is Swedish electro-dance-pop that 13 year-old girls would get down to, is completely irrelevent.

4. [MP3]: The Olivia Tremor Control :: Love Athena
There's no better way to follow Swedish electro-dance-pop than with some good old downhome lo-fi experimental pop. Despite being niether on Dusk at Cubist Castle or Black Foliage, this song goes down as one of my all time favorite OTC tracks. It always blows the speakers in my car, because the way it's mixed, it's not very loud at the beginning so I always forget and turn it up really loud and then the watery distortion turns up and boom go the speakers, every, single time. And boy do I love it.

Sorry today's mixtape post was so late guys, I was watching a Dennis Quaid movie with good moral values, you know how that goes...
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