Monday, November 13, 2006

Foxes!: "6 O'Clock"

Foxes! Foxes! Foxes!

Since I'm a big fan of highly recommending everything around here, it's sometimes hard to distinguish things that I'm more than psyched on. Such is the case with Oxford's Foxes!, who I'd venture to say are probably the most exciting band I've ever come across solely because of myspace. I forget how exactly how I came upon them, but Kayla Bell, Adam Bell, and Daniel Pacrami make some of the most refreshing indie pop I've heard in a while. After noticing their list of influences including Skatterbrain favorites like Talulah Gosh, Beat Happening, and even Modest Mouse, I was immediately intrigued. Then, after listening to this song just once, I was hooked.

[MP3]: Foxes! :: 6 O'Clock (Very Highly Recommended!)
[MP3]: Foxes! :: Art Girl (also Highly Recommended)
On "6 O'Clock," guitarist Adam Bell opens the track with some awesome fast picking skills before being joined by the rest of the band. Then the vocals come in, and I don't know about you, but I was fairly surprised at first as I wasn't really expecting such a great voice. I don't believe they noted them as an influence but I can definitely hear more than a bit of The Field Mice in this song, especially in the guitar. What do you think? Anyways, it's super-catchy just like a good pop song should be and "Art Girl" is pretty much right on par with it.

If you'd like a copy of their 46a Appleside Drive EP, please send them an email or shoot them a message on MySpace. Note: Their MySpace says, "We currently have a substantial back log of people wanting the cd. Apologies if you have been waiting a long time - we are in the process of making a new batch which will become available in the near future (once we finish cluing all the cases together!)."

Foxes! on MySpace!

Now if you'll please excuse me for a minute, my friend Jay has something to say:

Hey Skatterbrain readers -- I'm exploiting my pal Matt here to find three people to help me form a mighty and unstoppable and frightfully dashing new team of bloggers for my site, Resounder. So, if you like talking about music, and LOVE typing about music, please email me!

That's all. Have a nice day kids!
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