Friday, November 10, 2006

Chilly Fall Mixtape Project: Eleven and Twelve

I'm still enjoying Fall quite a lot. I can even wear mittens now!

Hey guys, sorry I missed you yesterday. I had some internet connection issues and was on the phone all day with Verizon trying to figure it out. Turns out you have to basically lie to them to get them to tell what to do to fix your problem. Anyway, as you can see, the problem was obviously fixed. In other news, A Cinderella Story (yes, the one with Hilary Duff) came in on NetFlix yesterday and it was pretty good. I may have mentioned it before, but I like my movies to lack any shred of action, adventure or depth, so I can safely say that I thuroughly enjoyed it. Okay well, here's two more tracks to add to the Fall Mixtape.

[MP3]: Velocity Girl :: There's Only One Thing Left To Say
I like this song a lot because it's the kind of song that just makes you want to get out and enjoy the day. A lot of songs on this mix could be considered "inside" songs. They're best suited for listening to, sitting inside, watching the scenery unfold outside your window. This song however, it best suited for running through fields or, say, rolling in piles of leaves. It's a Summer song made for Fall.

[MP3]: Statuesque :: Serpentine
I've been singing the praises of Stephen Manning, aka Stauesque, ever since I started this blog and unfortunately, I'm not too sure whether anyone's ever really been into it or not. This is one of my favorite songs by him though, one of the few glimpses we get of his softer side. The lyrics are beautifully sad , as is the fantastic solo towards the end, actually the guitar is quite pretty the entire song. I first heard this back around this time last year and listening to it now is just like a flashback. Funny how that works, huh?

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