Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Let's Start A Riot!


Cheap Red are a brilliant new pop band in the form of Stewart and Jen of Boyracer and Akina and Arland of Kanda! They list influences as Judas Priest and Marine Girls, though they ultimately end up sounding like a more tender, mid-tempo Boyracer. Though the word mid-tempo typically conjures up images of really boring songs, Cheap Red are actually anything but. The songs on MySpace are all replay again and again worthy and the whistling chorus in "Let's Start A Riot" is particularly amazing. They've got a debut DOUBLE CD coming out in May on, you guessed it, 555 Recordings! You can also see them at SF Popfest if you happen to be going, which sadly, I am not.

Head over to the Cheap Red MySpace and have a listen!

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